(a) BEM

Building Energy Modeling (BEM) performed by Aero Edge allows building owners and properties investors to cut electricity bills, cut capital expenditure for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units required for temperature control of the building without compromise on thermal comfort. Therefore, cutting building operating costs in the long term as well. As the owner or investor, we involve you, with full understanding of your building design by the architect, mechanical engineer, and structural/civil engineer (consultants). Simply put, this is an engineered cost optimization exercise via design adjustments. On large scale, BEM reduces the load on the power utility grid.

Why Choose Aero Edge BEM Service?

We have experience with some of the modern and green building designs in Namibia. With the rising of electricity costs and electricity shortages, BEM does not only help building owners, and properties investors, but also the governments and power utility companies. Practical, and strong knowledge of
mechanical appliances/equipment in buildings such as HVAC and modeling tools including Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD). Speak to us when starting your project. Our service helps you save money at a tiny fraction cost of your total capital expenditure. Payback periods of our BEM Service are in months, not years! Saving you millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands for small buildings.

(b) Outdoor Solar Lights (Supply & Installation)

(C) Solar Plant Site Energy Yield Evaluation


Complete Solutions: Design, Integrate & Install.



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